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Scott McCord



Vince Lombardi (*parenthesis added by me)

(Mental) Preparedness is the ultimate confidence builder.

Scott's Story

Scott and his wife, Heather, have a daughter, Meyer, and a son, Grady. Both are active in athletics: Meyer is an excellent rock climber, certified in ropes, and is an outstanding performing artist, having been in several musicals and plays through CCT, Cornstock Theatre, and various school and independent productions. Grady is athletic in basketball, rock climbing, flag football, and golf and is passionate about baseball. He is currently on a competitive travel team through the local Canes organization.


Born and raised in Peoria, IL, Scott's father, his first performance “coach,” always reminded him to “be the best he can be,” which has made an indelible mark on his motivation to pursue this endeavor. Scott's values are Family, Health, Honesty, Integrity, and Meaningful Work. He has a passion for giving excellent, honest advice to all those who seek guidance in improving their confidence and consistency in performing, on and off the athletic field or stage.

Some of the benefits of mental


coaching are:




Increased Focus




Decreased Anxiety

Increased Motivation





Stronger Mental Toughness

Our Mission

Mental performance coaching involves working one-on-one with a coach to overcome mental game challenges and build the mental skills you need to succeed.

In sports, much effort is put into developing physical skills. Time is spent fine-tuning mechanics and ensuring all the fundamentals have been ingrained in muscle memory.

But what about the ability to bounce back from failure? What about having the strength to manage high expectations, perform well under pressure, and cope with fear and anxiety?

Often, these areas are overlooked…at least until challenges begin to present themselves. A mental coach aims to help you understand and manage yourself better. This includes your thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Through being able to control yourself and your mind, you will then allow the physical talents you’ve worked so hard to develop to shine through during competition.

Our goal at Elite Performance Coaching is to help athletes understand how their mind influences performance and how to apply mental strategies to help perform their best in competition.

Our Method

At Elite Performance Coaching, we give athletes a mental game plan for practices and competition. This performance coaching is designed to improve consistency during performances and competition. 


We accomplish this by developing a custom plan from the initial conversation and after the athlete completes a mental aptitude profile questionnaire.  This helps us discover the athlete or performer's mental game challenges and how we can help the athlete improve their mental game approach.

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